Art from the heart

Dedicated to creating one of a kind creations from the heart, mind and soul of Joy Smiles. Diving deep within and bringing wisdom, wonder and magic to each piece of art created by hand. Enjoy your time within the wonderful world of joy!

Pins Wearable Art

Pins Wearable Art

Pins designs by JoySmilesArt created from my original paintings!  

Stickers & Slaps

Stickers & Slaps

Original Art  Sticker   Slaps!  

Earthdance 2020 Clip From JoySmilesArt

Visionary Artist Painting Out Her Soul

Weaving sacred geometry, animals only found in our dreams, places from these visions, and magic yet to be brought to life, Joy Smiles Art is here to bring light, love, and joy to her life and art. We hope you enjoy the peaks into our mind!

  • Bee-lieve In Community

    Bee-lieve Community is a reminder to save our bees and save our communities. Signed and numbered limited edition fine art prints 11x14 inches

  • BrainFood

    Created for a fundraiser for TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury. A brain in the shape of a heart, the green representing the color we connect with the heart chakra. As well as the warm inviting color of friendship and harmony.

    Food for your brain 
  • Eye Slither Here

    Snakes bring transformation and change. Watercolor and ink.

    Slither over here 
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