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Joy Smiles Art

Wadjet Original

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Wadjet: Dance of a snake goddess

Original Canvas 16x20

Live Painting seen at:

Yule 2018
Brainquility 2019

Wadjet: Dance of a Snake Goddess

Started: December 2018
Completed: April 2019

When I began this painting at the local event YULE, in Largo, FL, there was nothing more than a sketch in my hand and a blank canvas.
I had this image in my head, of a three eyed bird, swirls of colors, fuzzy at this stage.

The journey of this painting was such a pleasure for me. With many hours spent pouring over her, the goddess started to form, feeling compelled to add the hamsa of my own creation at the top. As well as the moon cycles through your the infinite mouth. Each new addition pulled her closer to completion.

In February of 2019, Brainquility Music and Arts Festival invited Joy Smiles Art to live paint at the festival. With a bit of inspiration from Suwannee Music Park, I made some great progress on her.

Also, in February I took a trip, and while on this trip I had a vision of my painting. A blue woman appeared in the hamsa, she started dancing, as she danced she became the blue snake you see at the edges of the three prominent eyes.

After this I knew I had to include this snake energy. After doing a bit of research on names that are associated with being a snake goddess. Wadjet is Egyptian for snake Goddess.

As she was blossoming into the finished piece, Wadjet traveled to many local shows and festivals. Her completion come to me at home on a lovely day in April of 2019.

Many layers and meaningful symbolism to me, from the Scorpio Constellation, to the moon phases, the blue snake from a dream I had. -  Joy Smiles.