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Joy Smiles Art

Bee-lieve Community 11x14

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Artwork title: Bee-lieve Community

Artist: Joy Smiles (@joysmilesart)

Each print measures “11x14"

The art is ready for and 8x10 matte opening for framing, and is printed on high quality matte paper.

Each print is hand signed and includes the limited edition number. This is a limited edition run of 50 prints.

Bee-lieve community was created for a wonderful foundation, RadioCave Foundation. We ran an event and this was created specifically for this. 

-We as a collective must save our bees. Bees are threaded more and more with society’s day. My papaw has a few bee boxes when I was a teenager and I’m so blessed to have learned some then and more as an adult about the importance of our bees. Our baby pollinators! We also turn our idea to Community, we are getting back to more community togetherness.

Bee-lieve Community is a reminder to save our bees and save our communities! 

Prints are available for immediate shipping! 

To find out how Joy Smiles Art supports special needs communities worldwide visit: