About the Artist

Hello! I’d like to introduce myself to those who don’t know me as personally.

Joy Michelle Smiles here! Sweet Trippy Hippie Southern Belle! Born and raised within 30 minutes of downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. After the last five years in the Sunshine State, I have come home to Ringgold, Georgia to be inspired by the hills, mountains and valleys of my youth.

JoySmilesArt was born into existence in fall 2017. One night I picked up my paintbrush and have never turned back. The passion that has became ashes, now turned into the fire I gave today!

Now I come from an artistic family. My mother being a muralist and graphic designer. Middle of five children trying to find my voice. All five of us are artistic and musical. When come from such a creative family it’s easy too not know what to do with your art.

I’m 2017 I was offered to live paint at a local EDM festival/Show, YULE. After this show I had the fire to continue creating in front of others.
After doing countless local shows in the St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL areas, I was offered to paint at my first music and arts festival, Brainquility 2018. This only kindle this burring desire yo share my art and joy!

Dragging my paints, canvas and easel all over this country over the last two years. Over the festival season 2018 and 2019, you may have seen me out there live painting! From Dover Delaware for Firefly Music Festival, Pennsylvania for Camp Bisco and Peach Fest. To Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Joy Smiles has been out there showing the world what I love! What I dream becomes real!

With the introduction into the universe of psychedelics I have found myself and my art will never be the same. Seeing the visions I have, I am touched and look forward to translating my magical dreams for all to see! We are all connected!

Thank you for coming here to connect with me and like minded light warriors!

-Joy Smiles
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